Giving Objects
an Identity.
Main Asset
What is
Database: usually large collection of data organised for rapid search and retrieval.
Native: grown, produced or originating in a particular place.
Asset: item of value owned.
The Web 3.0 platform for the Web 2.0 user base.
What does
DNA is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Web3.0 platform for brands and producers to tokenise their physical goods Building safe, reliable, efficient and more connected physical marketplaces.
Blockchain as a Database
Digitise, archive, track and trade physical objects of any value as Native Assets (NFTs) on the proof-of-work Layer 1 Kadena blockchain.
Enforceable Smart Contracts
Customise smart contracts to track and control how goods are traded.
Designed for mass adoption
The most secure, energy efficient, and scalable plug and play Web 3.0 solution, designed for a Web 2.0 user base.
Easy, peasy, Web 3.0 ready.
What is a Native Asset?
Native Assets are unique, tamper-proof digital records directly created by the product’s originator, serving as both a digital passport and a certificate of authenticity.

They differ from NFTs, functioning as utility tokens that track an object’s lifecycle, ownership changes, and servicing history, ensuring each item’s uniqueness and verifiable authenticity.
Protect and connect.
Create a direct link to your customers for marketing, community building, reliable secondary markets and closed loop recycling schemes, linked to their asset.


Set Smart Contract policies (transferability, royalties & burning).

Connect to loT devices / Scans / NFCs or other recognition technologies to meet extra security needs.


Plug into the DNA's platform via an API for automated batch tokenisation.

Initial Sale

Activation via email, NFC or secure QR code.

Link token to a specific customer email account.

Marketplace 3.0

Remove bad actors.

Log servicing.

Facilitate end of life disposal.


Promote loyalty, trust and connectivity to grow your community.

Create targeted reward schemes.

Secure secondary and private marketplaces.

Simple, secure, scalable.
Let’s mint the future together.