Prove provenance.
Prove ownership.
DNA bridges physical <> digital.
Create a digital passport for your physical goods by logging their credentials and complete history onto Kadena’s revolutionary layer-1-proof-of-work blockchain. Combat counterfeiting and empower your customers with new levels of trust, transparency and traceability.
Protect your Brand
Mint your own branded DNA tokens that prove your product’s provenance and authenticity.
Turn customers into collectors
Allow customers to view, catalogue and track their products within your brand's ecosystem.
Own your resale market
Provide a platform for your customers to trade your goods with confidence, under your brand’s umbrella.
Improve your ESG
DNA provides the infrastructure that will empower your shift towards the circular economy. Our technology is built on Kadena’s Proof-of-work-layer-1 blockchain which has one of the lowest CO2 footprints in the industry.


Built for mass adoption, no gas fees, no wallet, no blockchain experience required.


Create DNA tokens linked to a physical product, activated by a QR code or email link, that will serve as your product’s digital passport.


Built on PACT, the smart contract policies that govern the behaviour of each DNA token is directly coded onto the token, meaning it will always behave as intended. Add anti-counterfeiting measures like high-resolution scans & NFC chips.

Point of Sale

Following a purchase, a DNA token is generated and sent to the customer. The DNA token serves as a digital passport for the product.


Keep a record of every transaction on the blockchain and stay engaged with your customers post sale.


Guarantee your product's provenance and authenticity and fight counterfeits in the resale market.

your brand.