Giving Objects
an Identity.
Main Asset
DNA digitises the physical for a seamless Web 3.0 transition.
What is

DNA is a SaaS platform that digitises and archives physical objects, paving the way for a seamless Web 3.0 transition.

Through DNA, brands create an untamperable digital record of a physical item, giving them a unique identity (Native Asset). The Native Asset is transferred to buyers at the time of purchase and is trackable throughout the product's life cycle, offering a new direct channel to engage with owners.

DNA's Native Assets are tamper proof, with information and security measures stored onto the Kadena blockchain, proving an item's provenance so that they can be remotely authenticated, traced & transferred.

Prove provenance, elevate ownership.
What is a Native Asset?

Native Assets are untamperable and transferable unique digital records for an object generated by the product’s creator.

They are both a digital passport/certificate of authenticity for a product (provenance) and a bearer share for the owner (ownership), minted by a creator, institution or brand.

Unlike NFTs, they are utility tokens, inextricably linked to a product that they identify, recording their life cycle, changes of ownership and servicing history. Making an object unique.

Giving objects an identity.

Simple, secure & scalable

Built for mass adoption, DNA’s plug & play solution requires no additional expertise or infrastructure.


Generate digital passports (Native Assets) for physical items.

Store credentials (images, videos, Gifs & PDFs) and lifecycle immutability on DNA’s platform, via the Kadena blockchain.


Bridge each DNA Asset with its physical item by adding anti-counterfeiting measures (high res scans, QR Codes & NFC chips) for added security.

Initial Sale

Integrate to a point of sale. Customise the customer experience (QR codes, NFC chips, Emails & API integration).

Monitor & Marketplace

Track items sold, reward & engage customers post-sale & improve ESG.


Keep control over your resell market.

Embed royalties for secondary market transactions.

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