Security &
Ensure Authenticity and Ownership: Guarantee the originality and history (service and ownership) of your physical products with our robust authentication processes.

Exclusive Minting Rights: We empower only the original brands, creators, or institutions to mint assets, ensuring the legitimacy and exclusivity of your Native Assets.

Creator-Controlled Asset Management: Take command of your assets with policies directly hard-coded for the creator, allowing for precise and consistent asset behaviour.

Intellectual Property Protection and Permanent Archiving: Safeguard your intellectual property and maintain unalterable records with our instant archiving solution, ensuring your physical products are preserved and protected.
Build up your
Connect with Owners Directly: Forge deeper relationships with your owner community with direct access via your Native Assets. Reach previously inaccessible customers from 3rd party resellers and establish a seamless line of communication through ownership that promotes trust and accessibility.

Reward Your Community: Elevate your physical products through digital experiences, exclusive events and special offers, crafted specifically to engage and reward the loyalty and support of your customer base.

Effortless Warranty and Service Management: Simplify the process of managing warranties and servicing, ensuring that your customers have easy access to the support and information they need, when they need it.

Our platform is designed to strengthen your bonds with owners of your products and enhance their overall experience of your brand.
Tracks Products
Establish a Comprehensive Product Archive: Securely store and organise all your products in one central location, creating a robust product archive that stands the test of time.

Close Circular Loops with End-of-Life Product Access: Play a pivotal role in sustainable practices by accessing and repurposing end-of-life products, effectively closing circular loops and contributing to a greener planet.

Keep Tabs on Products and Owners in Resale Markets: Gain unparalleled insight by tracking your products and their new owners (anonymously) within resale markets, ensuring you stay connected and informed throughout the product lifecycle.

Create and Manage Your Own Resale Market, Earn Royalties: Take control of the resale journey by creating and overseeing your own secondary marketplace, all while generating additional revenue through royalties.
Integrating DNA
DNA was designed for simplicity and mass adoption.
The onboarding process is done in 5 simple steps:

Step 1


Set up an Account linked to an email

Step 2


Select the parameters and security measures that will define the Native Asset or connect to your database through an API

Step 3


Customise the layout of the Native Asset and add branding

Step 4


Add policies, the rules that will be coded onto the Native asset to define how it will behave (transfers, activation, royalties)

Step 5


Start minting

Easy, peasy, Web 3.0 ready.